Photo left: First litter 1989


Blockhead´s breeding has been awarded by Lauri Vuolasvirta trophy #488 for breeding highly qualified old english sheepdogs.

Our breeding is based on dogs with excellent temperaments, with sound movements, breed typical outstands, healthy in all ways and all puppies are raised in our bedroom, they are together with family, with older dogs before they leave into new homes. All we want a puppy to have is a good home, with loving and caring people, who have time to spend this newcomer, time to take care of the coat, time to be patient and TIME TO LOVE.

Blockhead´s breeding groups have been 5 x BIS /Finnish Bobtail Club Special Shows, several Group placements, #1 Breeder of Bobtail Club, quite often BOB in all breeds show... Thank you "blockhead´s -owners"- without you this couldn´t be possible. :)

Kennel Bluechannel, kennel Pocket Lightning´s and kennel Dream Choice has got their foundation bitches from Blockhead´s breeding, so there will be seen in many stocks our name behind the pedigrees. I am thankfull that so many kennels will continue with our breedings!

I believe it is the passion to dogs and certain breeds what makes you think about breeding. I have always loved animals, dogs are very close to my heart and to be honest I was very curious when we planned our first litter: "What would it be like?" On those days (1989) I was very "blue eyed"; every dog were very pretty and wonderful... I learned and learned about the old english sheepdog and must say still learning. :)

Why do I breed? There is no good answer to this - why do people keep animals and pets, why some people want to race with cars... Dogs are more than pets to us, they are members of family, they are show companions and they love you without any suspicions.. EVERY OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG litter has been thought with heart and mind, knowledge to pedigrees and not to forget the type and soundnes. I would´t choose a dog who is un-typical, bad behavior or not sound construction. And I don´t mind either if he/she has done some nice winnings at Dog Shows... ;) but this is not nessecary if he/she is worth of breeding. In Finland we have some health examinations which has to be done: eyes (free of hederitary problems), elbows (has to done, result doesn´t influence) and hips (A, B and C if the other partner is A).

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED OF A PUPPY - PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL ME. Shipping available in some cases. Exported puppies to Norway, Sweden, Estonia and England; also to Canada two coton de tulear pups.


Our grandson with 2 weeks old puppy


Helga and Lily as puppies


Elli nursing her puppies


2017 Blockhead´s Josephine, Johnny B Good & Jorneyman