About us

Our first old english sheepdog was born 1986, she was a big girl with a hugh heart and we fell in love 100% to this breed. As a family of three small children we wanted to have a big but a very friendly dog. As this breed is, or should be. 

We live in a small town Mikkeli which is located in Eastern part of FINLAND; 230 km to North from Helsinki (capitol of Finland). Russian border is less than 200 km from us, to Turku it is 350 km and to Oulu 450 km with a car.

Our dogs live together with us in the same building - they do not have any separated kennelhouses etc - and puppies are raised within the family.

We are grandparents and I am not working outside home anymore, dogs is my hobby, lifestyle and life - but over everything goes our grandchildren (4) which live near of us. Puppies are with small children almost every day and they are sozialiced within family. 


Since 1986... When I was a little girl I dreamed to have a dog of my own, but I never got one... When we get married and our children were born (1975, 1982, 1984) we had our first purebred OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG Sanysahara (1986, in the photo). I was never supposed to become a breeder but somehow it turned like this and 24th breeding year is going on...
Later on, 1995, we had a coton de tulear female, Ceetan Galaxy Of Tirri, who is our foundation bitch and she past away at age of 14½. We don´t have coton de tulears anymore.



1990 CH Ragglebarn Betsy Trotwood "Tootsie"came from UK, from Denmark Fluffy Dance With The Wolfs "Hasse", from Holland "Heppu" INT CH Vigilat´s Quidnunc Pojuand also from Holland "Kiki" INT CH Kontiki aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, USA "Sulo" CH Luvtym Cherry Bomb In Snow, Croatia 2003"Topi" FIN-EST CH Reata´s Heaven´s Choice 2006 from Holland "Witon" Secret Recipe Fields Of Gold; 2007 Enchant You Are The One. 2008 from Creek "Manu" Aryakas Hydrodynamic. 2010 from USA " Lily" Qubic Almost A Dream. 2015 from Canada Ladykin´s Quincey, "Vellu".