NEWS 2018

LATVIA, Riga´s Winner 2018

Our Lily was BOB veteran and she won the Riga VetWinner-18 title. Thank you Jenni for handling her! 

FINLAND, HELSINKI 15. & 16.12.2018

The last weekend of winner shows with Lily and she gained 2 titles more: HELVW-18 and VW-18. BIG thanks to Janina for showing Lily! Their dog, Blockhead´s I Am Love ´Toivo´won also titles beeing BOB at first day and second day he was BOS. CONGRATULATIONS TO Janina & Katja!!! I am SO proud of you! ´Toivo´s´parents are Bizzeeboots Last Train 2Clarksville x Blockhead´s Ella Enchanted. 


Eyes clear...

Blockhead´s Happy Snow White has healthy eyes! Waiting for the season to became...

Latvia, Reto “ZELTA  RĪGA 2018″ & “RETO GRAND PRIX 2018″


We travelled with  Ulla & Tatu-sheepdog to Riga (Latvia) 22.-23.9. Moby was in Junior Class and Lily in veterans. 

FIRST day our judge didn´t like either one; both our dogs got EXC without CQ.

SECOND day was much better; Lily BOB veteran & BOS in breed, Moby was BOB junior and 3rd best male. 

The judge of the day was John Walsh/Irland

BOB Blockhead´s I Am Love & BOS Shaggy Blu Bob´s Undercover Girl

EIC free: Blockhead´s Happy Snow White 

HAVANNESE puppies are 6-weeks old 11.9.


Porvoo 65-yrs Jubileum Show


Lily was 3rd best female and BOB veteran. Thank you Krisse for handling her and helping us! 

Lily first time in  veteran class, Helsinki Vet-Care Autumn show 1.9.2018

She was BOB & BOB veteran, thank you Veera handling her so nicely - once again!

Toman sivuliikkeitä Pärnussa



TOMA JA VEERA Järvenpäässä

Tallinna 19.8.2018 Baltic Winner -18, Blockhead´s Johnny B Good ´Toma`

Mr Kari Järvinen judging, entries of  10 old english sheepdogs.


TOMAN was BOS with CACIB and BALTW-18 title! Big thanks to Jenny Kira for handling him in the show ring! 

Mikkeli 28.7.2018 INT dog show

Tomalle was BOB with CACIB and CC.

We did not stay for groups as the weather was HOT!

Lily BIS at Finnish Specialty 2018


Judge was honorable Ray Owen, knl Ambelgait UK. 

Pärnu, Eesti 2 x INT Show


Toma was first time in Intermediate Class at age of  19 months. First day he was 2nd best male with CACIB (the winner was our mate, Tatu in junior class) Second day Toma was BOB with CACIB.


Tallinna, EST Winner  2.-3.6.2018


Last time with Toma in Junior Class: BM3, BOS Junior and  EEJW18 titel.

Toivo aka  BLOCKHEAD´S I AM LOVE was BOB with EEW-18, CC and CACIB!  


30.5.2018 Toma EIC, PCD,  CA, MDR1: FREE of all genetests! 1.6.18 also eyes clear.


Iitti 26.5.2018 Toma was BOB with CC. Thank you Krisse for handling Toma!!

All breeds show in Järvenpää 12.5.2018, Toma  BOB + CC.

Ensimmäinen ulkonäyttely 5.5.2018 Toma BOB + CC. 


21.-22.4.2018 Latvia Reto 

Toma was BOS in both shows, he got Junior CCs as well.




30.3.2018 Imatra, Toma BOB with CC. 










Lahti INT Show, Toma BOB with CC. 




11-2-2018 Tallinna ´Winter Cup 2018`

Toma was BOS-junior with JunCC.



At Kaunas, Lithuania and Toma was 2 x BOB junior with JCC, BOS in breed at first day, second day BOB. 


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